July 3, 2012

Free Space & Free Time?

The "Turn Off the TV" Storage Unit


There is absolutely nothing to watch. You have already read the news on your i-something; you have seen that movie a hundred times; and that episode of this show is outright idiotic. What, oh what, shall you do with your unpleasing TV set? Make a storage unit out of it of course!

Back in the 50's, the Television set promised family bonding and quality time with loved ones. Nowadays, only half a decade later, it carries separation, silence, and alienation. We re-watch shows on autopilot, but are we experiencing anything? Are we living life?

"Turn Off the TV Storage Unit", a design by Juliette Gold

"Turn Off the TV Storage Unit", a design by Juliette Gold

The model uses the figure of the 50's TV set - which was rectangular, stood on four thin legs, and had antennas. The visual compounds of the design (the colors, and the polka-dots print) also refer to the vintage vibe. When choosing colors, I opted for vibrant, statement-making hues. But tried to maintain visual harmony by going for opposing colors on the color wheel. 

Drawing by Juliette Gold

What do you think about our TV-watching society? Do you consider watching TV a quality past-time? 


  1. That's a cute idea and I absolutely love the ad! The only past-time aspect of TV is if I'm watching an old film! :)

    1. Erin,

      Thank you so much for the feedback!

      Old films really are fantastic! They have more substance and meaning than some contemporary movies [especially comedies]. What is your favorite old film?


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