April 23, 2012

I'm a Sucker For Quotes

Holon Design Week, 8-11/4, 2012

Getting into design school is hard; graduating from said school is hard; finding a job is hard; succeeding is hard - this is what everyone says. However, the people who've been there and done that have a more positive outlook. Here are my top favorite quotes from the exhibition "Designers +10" currently shown at the Holon Design Museum.

Source: http://www.myshland.com/

Source: http://dmh.org.il/heb/

Source: http://itamarburstein.com

Source: http://www.aditalela.com

Source: http://www.samlil.co.il

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have any quotes that inspire you? Post them here! 

April 7, 2012

Tel Aviv University Spring Semester Lectures

The famed lawn is trimmed and pretty, and the stock of coffee cups is refreshed - Tel Aviv University is ready to open the Spring semester. These news may come as a downer to the already-overworked students. However, for those of us who have already graduated, or those who are anxiously trying to get in, it's quite a joyful notice. Why, you ask? TAU's School of Architecture is planning to host numerous lectures and events this semester:

Sunday 22.04

Dani Karavan, artist
Fastlicht Auditorium, Mexico Building, 7:00 PM

Sunday 29.04

Prof. Arch Stephen Kieran, Kieran-Timberlake Architects, Philadelphia
Fastlicht Auditorium, Mexico Building, 7:00 PM

Wednesday 02.05

Architectural Education 2: Discussion on Education Methods in the Design Studio
With ASOA studio instructors: Prof. Arch Amnon Baror,
Dr. Arch. Talia Margalit, Dr. Arch. Efrat Lieberthal, Dr. Arch. Noam Austerlitz, Arch. Ayala Ronel, Arch. Tula Amir
Hall 206A, Mexico Building, 4:00 PM

Sunday 06.05

Prof. Arch. Dan Eytan, Eytan Architects
A film by Matan Guggenheim on the occasion of Dan Eytan’s 80th birthday and a lecture
Fastlicht Auditorium, Mexico Building, 7:00 PM

Sunday 13.05

The David Azrieli Lecture:
Prof. Arch. Wolf D. Prix, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Vienna
Bar Shira Auditorium, 7:30 PM

Sunday 20.05

Arch. Brendan Macfarlane, Jakob-Macfarlane Architects, Paris
Fastlicht Auditorium, Mexico Building, 7:00 PM

Wednesday 30.05

Architectural Education 3: Sustainable and Green Architecture
Hall 206A, Mexico Building, 4:00 PM

Sunday 10.06

Prof. Arch. Terry Knight, MIT, Cambridge, MA
Fastlicht Auditorium, Mexico Building, 7:00 P

ADMISSION IS FREE / and we,  as the brochure puts it," ARE CORDIALLY INVITED".

My calendar is already marked!Hope to see you there.

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