September 4, 2012

Who is the cover girl?


Interviewing Our Cover Girl

Between sewing her own fashion collection, renovating her room, and getting ready to dive into architecture school, our cover girl - Juliette Gold's cover girl alter-ego - met me for an imaginary split-personality brunch the other day to talk childhood, goals, and other things people normally ask in interviews.

Note: As an advocate of unnecessary abbreviations [I'm too lazy to retype, and copy-paste doesn't feel genuine enough], I will now refer to my cover girl alter-ego as CV, and to my interviewer alter-ego as IAE.
IAE: Let's start from the very beginning. Where were you born?
CV: I come from the northern European-Russia. It's a seaport city, practically at the North Pole.
IAE: Brr! That must have been freezing! [I say, shivering].
CV: [laughing] There's an adorable joke about the weather. A guy asks his friend: "What did you do this summer?", and the friend replies: "Uhh I missed it! I was at work that day". The location has it upsides though; we were the first to receive gifts from Santa!
IAE: Oh wow, the move to Tel Aviv must have been a big change.
CV: Oh no! It was fun! We moved when I was six, and my parents made my childhood magical. It's something I can't thank them enough for. Even though we moved around quite a bit, and I've changed cities, schools, and friends, I've never felt sad or alone. Life has just been, and still is, a one big adventure.
IAE: That's so nice to hear! Are you still close to your parents?
CV: Still? [laughing] You make me sound old! And yes, we are very close! We spend a lot of time together. My mom and I even have "days of girly fun" every two-three weeks or so.
IAE: Adorable! Has your childhood influenced your decision to become an architect?
CV: In retrospect, I can say yes. My childhood revolved around changing cities, apartments, furniture arrangements, and atmospheres. So I can be artsy-fartsy and say that it inspired me to see the influence space has on a person. However, I was able to formulate lofty theories about architecture only when I was sixteen or seventeen, whereas I decided I wanted to be an architect when I was twelve.
IAE: Oh wow! That's an early age to pick such a serious career. How did you stick with the decision for so long?
CV: I'm a stubborn mule! [laughing for a while] Even though I have no clue how I thought of the idea, I know that I do love the field. I've always had. I've read a bunch of books, took some classes, and started seeing the idea behind it, the magic architecture has. So, referring back to the influence mumble, I now have a solid reason behind my choice.
IAE: And why did you decide to give fashion design a try?
CV: I see design as something universal, a complete picture of oneself, be it a person, a group or a society.  Fashion design, in my opinion, is a statement of our character to the outside world. It's the first thing people pick up when they see us. And since I design for myself, fashion design is my way of communicating myself, and showing a glimpse of my personality to the outside world. Also, it's a fun experience, which I think would enrich my later work.
IAE: How would you define your aesthetic?
CV: Just as I define myself, "a work in progress".
IAE: That's enough work-talk for one interview, be it imaginary or real. Let's talk fun. What's your favorite pastime?
CV: Flânerie! [said with an awful fake-Frech accent] - the art of strolling. Walking around the city with no purpose, sitting at some small cafe and people-watching... Even being stuck in traffic has its magic moments.
IAE: Let's finish up with something sweet. What was the best advice you've ever received?  
CV: There are two, actually. One is from my mom, to put a hundred percent into everything I do. And the other one is from my grandma, to be a lady.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?


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