July 26, 2012

Coffee Shop Sketching

Trying to survive the heat wave, I strolled around the city in a search of an AC-including activity. Then, I bumped into a cafe - the view was nice, the AC was on, and they served green tea. What more could I ask for?

What do you like to do when it's fervent outside?

July 24, 2012

The Social Roof

Who the H are all these people in my town?

We stroll around the streets, eyes locked to the screens of our cells, unaware of the existence of anyone else. Oh, there are other people living in our hometown? Who would have thought. Please allow me to present every loner's nightmare: The Social Roof. 

The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold

The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold
The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold
Placing a roof in space appears to be enough to define a location. The roof claims the space under it to be its own and consequently, a compound is created. 

The model depicts a roof, joined to a streetlight. The roof itself can be folded or stretched out - making the space is covers alterable. When open, the roof provides a shelter from the rain. The water drips from the roof to little tunnels, and then streamed to a fountain. 

The roof creates an ecologically-responsible public domain that can be utilized for social gatherings and meetings. So let's get to know each other while it rains. 

The Social Roof, an illustration by Juliette Gold

Do you know the people who live in your town? Would you like to have opportunities to get to know them better? 

July 17, 2012

Neve Tsedek, The Labyrinth

A maze, right around the corner

What is a maze - in a non-Harry-Potter-or-Greek-Mythology-related context? A labyrinth is a convoluted and complicated structure, in which you loose the perception of space. You walk around it, sometimes in circles, sometimes you reach a blind alley; but you always make new and exciting  discoveries along the way. The center of the maze, however, is slightly different and holds within it a surprise. Only when you find that wonder at the heart of the maze, you are able to see your way out.

Or in short:

Maze, a model by Juliette Gold

Is there really a place that embodies the criteria? Are there contemporary mazes? There sure is one I know of. If you've ever been to Neve Tsedek, the oldest neighborhood established in Tel Aviv, I'm sure you've gotten lost at some point. Neve Tsedek is my favorite location in the city. Its narrow streets hide within them gems like galleries, boutiques, cafes, and an abundance of history. With every turn you stumble upon a new discovery, a beautiful detail, a furry cat. 

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

In the middle of the neighborhood, you can suddenly find the "Suzan Dalal" center - an old girls' academy turned theater and dance school. There, when you look around, you can see the beach - your way out of the maze. 

Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold
Neve Tsedek, photo by Juliette Gold

And again, in short, this is Neve Tsedek:

Neve Tsedek as a maze, model by Juliette Gold

How do you define a maze? Have you ever been to one? 

July 12, 2012

Armani's Nightfall Sketch

While I was browsing through Fashion Week's recap on Vogue, I stumbled upon Armani's Fall 2012 Couture collection. This collection was inspired by nightfall, and blues and grays played an ample tole in it. This piece, which was the first garment on the runway, fits the concept perfectly.

What did you think about Armani's new collection? 

July 10, 2012

Step #1: image - part 5

"Aspiration", rather than "perspiration"

To read the rest of the series: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

When I was twelve, I declared that I wanted to become an architect. I contemplated a 12-year long plan in my head, and I refused to stir from it in either direction. And, according to what my mom tells me, I was a real B about it as well. I was a little, annoying stubborn mule, who lived by the mantra "either build or die". As I became older, and luckily a teensy bit wiser, I started re-evaluating my decision. After exposing myself to other fields and possibilities, and falling in love with them as well, I decided to aspire for a goal, rather than gallop to a narrow dot [please note the stubborn mule reference]. 

"Juliette Goal":

  • I want my work to affect and inspire people
  • I want diversity; I want to focus on a new project or a new theme every now and then.
  • I don't want my work to be  monotonous
  • I want to visit new places and experience new things as part of my work
  • I want to challenge myself and make myself think 
Architecture fits that outline. But so do many other fields. I know that I want to build, but now I see a whole array of ways to get to that point. So if I am no longer a mule ... perhaps I could be a ... bird? 

Photo source: Pinterest

Which path do you prefer? The straight line, or the maze? 

July 5, 2012

Trés Chic

On the Castelbajac event a journalist walked up to me, and asked to take my picture for a fashion column. Playing it cool, and concealing my excitement under a "oh-well-it-happens-to-me-all-the-time"-implying "OK" I posed for my photo. A week later, the photo was posted at the Art section of Haaretz Newspaper [aka, one of the eminent publications in Israel] 

Photo source: Online version of Haaretz

What I was wearing?

A top from H&M, a skirt of my own design, flats from News, glasses by Marc Jacobs, and a headband from H&M. 

July 3, 2012

Free Space & Free Time?

The "Turn Off the TV" Storage Unit


There is absolutely nothing to watch. You have already read the news on your i-something; you have seen that movie a hundred times; and that episode of this show is outright idiotic. What, oh what, shall you do with your unpleasing TV set? Make a storage unit out of it of course!

Back in the 50's, the Television set promised family bonding and quality time with loved ones. Nowadays, only half a decade later, it carries separation, silence, and alienation. We re-watch shows on autopilot, but are we experiencing anything? Are we living life?

"Turn Off the TV Storage Unit", a design by Juliette Gold

"Turn Off the TV Storage Unit", a design by Juliette Gold

The model uses the figure of the 50's TV set - which was rectangular, stood on four thin legs, and had antennas. The visual compounds of the design (the colors, and the polka-dots print) also refer to the vintage vibe. When choosing colors, I opted for vibrant, statement-making hues. But tried to maintain visual harmony by going for opposing colors on the color wheel. 

Drawing by Juliette Gold

What do you think about our TV-watching society? Do you consider watching TV a quality past-time? 
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