July 24, 2012

The Social Roof

Who the H are all these people in my town?

We stroll around the streets, eyes locked to the screens of our cells, unaware of the existence of anyone else. Oh, there are other people living in our hometown? Who would have thought. Please allow me to present every loner's nightmare: The Social Roof. 

The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold

The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold
The Social Roof, a design by Juliette Gold
Placing a roof in space appears to be enough to define a location. The roof claims the space under it to be its own and consequently, a compound is created. 

The model depicts a roof, joined to a streetlight. The roof itself can be folded or stretched out - making the space is covers alterable. When open, the roof provides a shelter from the rain. The water drips from the roof to little tunnels, and then streamed to a fountain. 

The roof creates an ecologically-responsible public domain that can be utilized for social gatherings and meetings. So let's get to know each other while it rains. 

The Social Roof, an illustration by Juliette Gold

Do you know the people who live in your town? Would you like to have opportunities to get to know them better? 


  1. I like your design. It's a very interesting concept to encourage and allow interactions that way. I actually don't know people in the town i live. I grew up in a large city and now living in another large city I feel like you're not supposed to talk to strangers or smile at them on the streets, but then I end up not knowing my own neighbors.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I absolutely know what you mean - you walk around strangers every day, live with strangers in the same building, don't know anyone at your local store/post office/ etc... as our society grows and advances it becomes more isolated and lonely. What do you think?


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