July 10, 2012

Step #1: image - part 5

"Aspiration", rather than "perspiration"

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When I was twelve, I declared that I wanted to become an architect. I contemplated a 12-year long plan in my head, and I refused to stir from it in either direction. And, according to what my mom tells me, I was a real B about it as well. I was a little, annoying stubborn mule, who lived by the mantra "either build or die". As I became older, and luckily a teensy bit wiser, I started re-evaluating my decision. After exposing myself to other fields and possibilities, and falling in love with them as well, I decided to aspire for a goal, rather than gallop to a narrow dot [please note the stubborn mule reference]. 

"Juliette Goal":

  • I want my work to affect and inspire people
  • I want diversity; I want to focus on a new project or a new theme every now and then.
  • I don't want my work to be  monotonous
  • I want to visit new places and experience new things as part of my work
  • I want to challenge myself and make myself think 
Architecture fits that outline. But so do many other fields. I know that I want to build, but now I see a whole array of ways to get to that point. So if I am no longer a mule ... perhaps I could be a ... bird? 

Photo source: Pinterest

Which path do you prefer? The straight line, or the maze? 

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