February 18, 2012

What is a city? (To My Very Biased, Tel-Aviv-Adoring Eye)

The location that we decide to set our lives at influences a lot more that solely our postal code. In spite of our biggest egoistic fantasies, we (as individuals) do not change the city, but it influences us.

In "What is a City", LEWIS MUMFORD writes that "A city is a theater of social action".
The set of the play, though ever evolving, is permanent and determined for us by architects and urban planners. The city's arrangement creates its atmosphere, and its architectural landmarks build symbols and traditions. Once we put those things together, we get a culture, a stereotype even, of our city.

Now, we come into the picture – the dwellers – the actors. Why are we actors, you wonder? Because we naturally try to fit into out surrounding; we try to live up to the "image" of the city; eventually, we become a personification of it. 

How do you describe a city? What is your favorite city or town? What do you love about it? 


  1. Hi Juliette! I just discovered your new blog and think it's a real nice one - I like architecture a lot myself, always found it the most interesting section during my art history studies at university :-) "My" favourite city is right now Hamburg in Germany: it has a lot of green (parks) and water (Elbe and Alster), and wherever I walk I can sense a spirit of freedom. I originally come from Vienna in Austria, and never found that special feeling there. So I enjoy living in Hamburg since 6 years now - and there's no end in sight.
    Lots of greetings :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the blog.
      It is very interesting how we sometimes feel at home at completely foreign cities. What is your favorite place in Hamburg?


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