October 15, 2012

Surviving: Commute

I live about an hour-drive away from campus. Hence, I cannot escape the need to commute, namely, to take the bus. In any weather conditions. Daily. It is just as little fun as it sounds. However, to attend one's classes, one has to adjust and survive.

Survivng: Commute

Bad smells:

Overflowing trash bins, garlicky foods, people with physically demanding jobs - when they all add up at the end of the day, on the same bus, during the jammed hours, you can't help it but curse the sense of smell. The key to survival here is location - place yourself as close to the exit door as possible. Every stop you'll get a breeze of fresh air [or a bit of rain and mud, depending on the weather]. And don't make disgusted faces – it's just rude!

Traffic jams:

They seem endless, as long as your to-do list, and make you feel doomed for pointless waste of time. And yet, with a slight shift of attitude, traffic jams can become a wonderful leisure time. What's the secret, you ask? Flânerie! Use the jam as a way to explore the city, enjoy the view, observe the people, or count the cats. Anything you choose to do is better than just sitting there, frowning.

Plain boredom: 

You've been through it all – the stops, the turns, the jams, the loud phone conversations – and you feel like you can't take it anymore. You have to get off this bus, right here, right now. Then do it [given that you're almost at your destination, you know how to get there by foot, it's a safe neighborhood, and it's neither freezing nor hell-like hot outside]. Get of that bus, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy a small walk. You might even consider smelling the flowers [unless you're allergic – in which case, ignore their pretty existence].


The commute playlist

It cannot be just a random array of songs. The commute playlist must rather be convcptional, and fit various situations. But instead of talking, let's listen to some tunes.
The long, never-ending drive:
The early A.M. drive:
The pre-interview / exam / presentation drive:
The traffic jams:

The Monday drive:

How do you survive long drives? Which songs are on your commute playlist?


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!
    You definitely have the right attitude. I used to have an 1+ hour commute in NYC. There would definitely be the occasional delay, smell or strange person. But I loved to bring a good book and use the time for relaxing or resting. What else can you do in a delayed train/bus right?
    xoxo,Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Reading is also a wonderful tip! What kind
    of books did you like to bring with you? Do you have any recommendations?


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