October 12, 2012

Surviving: Application Test Prep

Application Test Prep Mishaps 

A few months ago I took the entrance exams to a few architecture programs. Wishing to bring my best, I prepared. Oh I sure prepared. Getting all exited and caught up in the moment, I've experienced several ... how to put it nicely ... calamities.  

My Top 5 Fails

  1. Declaring my infinite and unconditional love for foam boards [white, thick, cardboard-like crafts material]; aloud; in public.
  2.  Singing "One way or another I'm gonna get'cha ... " completely off key after getting the correct angle of a model for a sketch. This, luckily, occurred in private. Oh, and did I mention that there was a little dance involved as well? 
  3. Having "whatever" for lunch, and actually finding it delicious! 
  4. Looking for 20 minutes - literally, 20 minutes - for the pencil I was holding in my hand.
  5. Finding the quote "A house is not zero city" very sensible.
Encore? Fine, as you wish:

     6.  Losing the original piece of paper I've written this on. It was a page in a spiral notepad and I have no memory of ever tearing it out.  

Have you applied to creative degree programs? What was your biggest funny fail?

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