August 14, 2012

London's Calling

I have to admit that I don't watch the Olympics, or any other kind of sports for that matter. However, the UK craze that followed the Olympic games inspired me to create my own little tribute -a  stylish one.

I challenged myself to a "sketch-athon": 100 years of UK's East London Style, 6 sketches, 4 pencils, 3 pencils, 2 pages, and 1 me. Go!

What is your favorite style era? 


  1. Hi! My name is Cristiane and I’m from Brazil! I was new here in IFB just like you. So, I know you received (or still are receiving) many emails or messages, because it happened the same to me! But, take your time, breathe and visite me on my blog, where I try to share some part of my world, writing about serious fashion questions (or not lol)! I write in portuguese and in english (ok, I try it). Also, you can check my work as a freelance writer at IT Hunter online magazine: !!!


    ps.: I saw this video months ago! I'm a vintage lover, so the decades before 80's are perfect to me!!!!

    1. Hi Cri!

      Thanks for your comment, it was nice getting to know you.
      Do you wear a lot of vintage pieces? Where do you usually get them?


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