August 16, 2012

Step #1: IMAGE - Part 7

Style 101

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One's personal style is more that a few rags thrown together. Style is identity. It's both a social statement and a way of life. When redefining my own, I've focused on three aspects: shape, colors, and theme. 


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, that we already know. However, we usually have unrealistic perceptions of their bodies (let's take a moment here to rant about media, society, and everything else that comes to mind). Or, in other cases, we just don't know how to work with what we've got. I used to fall into that category as well. I'll spare you the horror of my middle-school's (and frankly, some of high-school's) "amazing-and-totally-pretty-my-crush-would-sooo-like-me" outfits. (Sarcasm heavily intended) A simple tool I used to find my shape is InStyle Magazine's shape finder. It suggests pieces of clothing that can guide you at your next shopping spree.

Photo source: screen capture from InStyle


Colors play a big role in our appearance. Wearing the wrong color can make your skin look dull, and emphasize dark circles and blemishes. (And no one wants to see those) Whereas the right colors, should light up your face and accentuate the color of your eyes. You can always hold up garments to your face and evaluate them; but it's best to know where to start. Quick, easy, and astoundingly precise, this article from College Fashion helped me find my perfect colors. It gives you a diagram that leads you to your "season", and then goes into some more specifics, by giving you a list of colors based on the color of your eyes. 

Photo source: screen capture from College Fashion


The "theme" - the vibe that your outfit broadcasts - is the embodiment of your preferences and personality.
The Etsy Taste Test can give you a broad image of your preferences. It lets you pick nine items, of a list of six each time. Once you're done, it gives you a list of many pretty things. When you look at them critically, and try to find common denominators, you find specific attributes of taste you can later incorporate into your wardrobe. I really like this one - I see it as a justification of my weird obsessions.

Photo source: screen capture from Etsy

Do you have any tips for defining your style? Share them in the comments! 


  1. You have a lovely blog, and it is really so inspiring. I think style is a way of saying so many things about yourself through the choice of a few garments. Express yourself through your style is my tip.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Yes, you are right - a personal style is a statement of personality.

      Thank you for following! I appreciate it, and hope you'll enjoy the upcoming posts.


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