October 6, 2012

September Issue - Back Cover


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September is over, and likewise, so is my September issue. From front cover to back cover, the issue included everything a self-respecting publication should have. It started off with a touching letter from the editor [myself] and continued with an interview with the cover girl [also myself]. Proceeding with a lighter tone, there was a Fall trends cheat-sheet [it included a puppy]. And then, going back to serious, yet awesome, there was an art review, and a designer review. And finally, it finished off with the thing September is all about - fashion design. Featuring the designs of a anonymous designer-to-be [who's also surprisingly, myself].

Inspired by the city of Tel Aviv,   the designer-to-be [I sound cooler when spoken about in third person] presented not one, not two, not three, not four, but five garments which she is also currently sewing.

I think it's time to wrap things up, and move to the next step of my designer-formation. Can you guess what the next chapter will be?

Which magazine did you enjoy reading the most this September? 

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