August 18, 2013

Juliette Gold is back! -or- Q&A

I'm back!

Actually, this post is more of a QNA&A: Questions-Neven-Asked and Answers

Q: So what have I been up to lately?
A: I've been gluing pieces of cardboard for a year. It's not a code for anything; this is literally what I've been doing. 

Q: Why did I disappear so suddenly?
A: One breezy day in late October, after not sleeping for 36 hours, not being aware of the day, month, or year [I was only able to time it retroactively] and not functioning the way humans should [I mean, I had no nail polish on!]  I decided I should focus on school. I tend to get overly-ambitious, and then preoccupied, then overwhelmed, then I overdose on caffeine and then I crash. It's a lovely, sitcom-worthy cycle . 

Q: Why am I back?
A: I was diagnosed with a lack of narcissism; suggested treatment involved attention and adoration from complete strangers. 

Q: So what should you [=the readers] expect now that the blog is back on?

A: Absolutely nothing! Expectations create obligations, and obligations create commitment. And that kind of s@!t really freaks me out. Just stop by every now and then and embrace the unexpected. 

Stay tuned for awesomeness 

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