January 8, 2014

Musing and pondering

Decision making -or- stuff I can learn from my cat

I was blessed with horrible decision making skills. Everything I do is either a momentary impulse, or based on a life-long obsession. In both cases I end up with a mess I have to clean up. I was pretty satisfied with this virtue-slash-vise up to not so long ago. It made life fun and unexpected and kept me busy. Then school happened and demanded a more logical way of existence. The most rational creature I know is my cat, so I decided to look up to him for guidance. (This was decided on an impulse, in case you were wondering.)

Side note: I'll refer to my cat as "cat" from now on, to protect his identity; buy mainly to create a completely unnecessary "Breakfast at Tiffany's" reference.

I just love this movie, okay? image source

Cat wakes up every morning with a stretch and a yawn. He never jumps out of bed all crazy-eyed, trying to fit a kilometer-long to-do list into twenty four hours. He always sits on the balcony savoring the morning sun while I run around in my bra trying to remember everything that I forgot. Cat never multitasks; he's fully aware of everything he does, whether he's pigeon-hunting or tearing up my sofa. Cat never trusts strangers, but he also lets them earn his trust gradually, and then rewards them with kindness and purring. Cat eats when he's hungry and sleeps when he's tired. He runs around the house when he's happy, calling everyone to share his joy. Cat knows how to live his life.  

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