May 17, 2012

Get Lost to Find Yourself in Tel Aviv

There's nothing quite as magnificent as getting lost in a big, lively city; wandering aimlessly around the streets; discovering it as you go. "When I travel and in my life in general, I’m always looking for those little surreal and magical moments that make every long journey worthwhile because they are so uniquely awesome." Oh how I wish these were my words. But unfortunately (for me; awesome for everyone else), this is a quote from Shimrit Elisar's DIY Tel Aviv guide that gives you the straightforward answer to "Where do the cool kids go?"

No more staying in the dark; no more missing out on cool festivals and events; no more being unaware of Tel Aviv's most adorable café's and trendiest clubs. After reading the guide from cover to cover, I got more inside info about the city than years of walking-around-until-my-feet-would-threaten-to-fall-off have ever taught me!

My excitement is justified, believe me. For instance, did you know that TAR, the Tel Aviv Rollers group hosts a Tuesday night Tel Aviv roller ride? Or that Pua café in Old Jaffa is also a vintage shop? Or that the Rak Shniya second-hand store is open daily till midnight? Or that Rogatka bar serves vegan, cruelty-free brunches every Saturday morning? There's even a list of cool, up-and-coming Tel Aviv based bands!

And if you're a tourist looking to discover the "city of life", the guide is just shameless enough to be perfect. It tells you everything you need to know for a wonderful vacation - from insight to the morning-after pill to an explanation to what is Sabiah.

So come, by bus, train or plain, and travel, discover and live! Directions are not your thing? Fear not! The guide comes with a map that spots all the locations for you. (Now you can toss your old GPS, or recycle, in the spirit of Tel Aviv.) There is also a blog, which actually initiated the guide, where you can find daily posts about what's hot right now in the city: Do you prefer the aroma of freshly-printed volumes? Then there is good news for you! DIY Tel Aviv guide would be released in it's first-ever printed version this month!

Get the guide from the blog:
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Have you ever been to Tel Aviv? What is your favorite place in the city?

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