June 12, 2012

Step #1: IMAGE - Part 3

How much do you really want to change?

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In order to know how much we really want to work on ourselves, how many things we would like to change, we first need to identify those things. In other words, we need to asses our life-satisfaction. 

What do you already like about your life?

Are you happy with your everyday routine? Do you like the way you treat people [and consequently, the way they treat you]? Are you happy with your apartment or house? Take a moment to ponder upon these questions:

  • Are you excited to wake up each morning? 
  • What do you like most about your family?
  • What do you like most about your friends?
  • What is your favorite spot in your home? 
  • Name one thing you like about your job. 
  • Name your 3 most favorite qualities.
You should have a clearer image of your life and your level of content. Do you press snooze every time the alarm goes off? Then perhaps your routine could use a little shake (or maybe you're just not getting enough sleep). Your parents seem to always get the best of you? Have you tried to sit down with them and clear the air? Can't find a single thing you like about your job? Why don't you quit then?

Our life is the result of our own choices.

Though it may sound like a cliche, it's definitely not bull'. I believe that before we can design someone else's reality, we first need to be pleased with our own. We cannot improve the being of others, if we keep ranting about our own. However, a quick shift of perspective can make wonders!

Story time: One day I had to run around Tel Aviv collecting documents I needed to apply to university. There are two ways to look at that day:

  1. I left the house super-early, had to deal with the most annoying secretaries, froze (I forgot my jacket), ran around all day and did nothing productive. Basically, this day sounds terrible! 
  2. I got to see the beautiful morning sky, finished all of my chores, spent an entire day walking around my beloved city, and later at home, spent some quality time with my cat. Not only this days sounds bearable, but is actually seems pretty nice.
By choosing to remember the good parts of controversial days, by focusing on the positive aspects of my life, I keep my happiness level high and my inspiration flowing.

What do you like about your life? Share your answers to the Q's in this post here. 

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